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» News Archives - FML sorry for that fake hiatus

FML sorry for that fake hiatus

I'm actually not sure how news feeds work and whether or not it notifies people who added this comic (presumably not, I think), but THIS IS NOT AN INTENTED HIATUS OMG FML DDDD: I'm sorry I've kept you guys waiting but a lot has been going on at school, it's unforgiving in its own way, and lately I just can't seem to use the pencil very well.

So shoot me, but I assure you an update will be coming up very soon, and yes, expect something extra for I previously saw I've reached 150+fans and couldn't be more happy/tearful ;____________; Thank you all for adding this comic even though it sucks cus the author never updates ;_____________________;

posted by koulin @ October 4th, 2009, 10:25 pm   0 Comments