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How long will this manga be?
If I don't run out of motivation first, it'll be longer than you think, because I'm trying very hard to incorporate everything I want to say in this manga.

Who's the protagonist?
There isn't one. There may be characters that come out more frequently than others, but overall each character's screen time is more or less equal. If you like a certain character, feel free to see him or her as the protagonist :)

Is there a general theme to this story?
The funny thing is, seeing as there isn't a specific main character, and seeing as I've decided to incorporate a specific theme (or even a moral) into each and every one of my characters, there WON'T be a general theme to this story. Therefor, the one you choose as the main character, and in which the theme him or her possesses will probably become the main theme in your mind.

Why do some of the characters have no birthdays in the character page (or rather, blank spaces beside where their birthdays should be?)
Haha...argh you'll know eventually. I had trouble deciding them. I'm really picky about this for a reason.

...To be continued.