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About Me

Name: Koulin
Nationality: Chinese (Cantonese)
Residence: Vancouver
B-day: December 16th
Likes: clouds, birds, rain, sun, cathedrals, western myths, anime/manga, drawing, animation, day-dreaming, history (<19th century Europe).
Dislikes: annoying people, people who take stuff for granted, cam-whores, harmful insects, homework, people who enjoy life way too much and forget to contribute to society, anime re-runs, bugs.
Currently obsessed with: Sound Horizon, Hetalia.

So, what's your deal here in SJ?
Just came here to share my stuff with people, that's why I love it when people give feedback, because I'm always looking for ways to improve.

What's your process in terms of creating manga pages?
I draw the line art with pencil, trace it over with pigment ink, scan it in. Then, I use Photoshop (CS3) to apply tones and text.

Hmm, about the title...
Uh huh, well, it's supposed to be Italian (lol WUT), but sometimes the apostrophe on the 'a' just won't show up (my PS bug of some sort), so yes, it's just 'Deformita' now. By the way, according to the dictionary, it means 'physical deformity'.

*Cough* What should I AVOID saying when commenting on your work?
As long as you don't accuse me of stealing people's ideas (because I didn't), then anything is fine. You can even say my art sucks, and I will respond by trying to improve :)

Is your English good?
No it sucks, since English isn't even my first language (lol). So bear with me if there are obvious grammar mistakes/awkward sentences in which I just so happen to miss.

What is Hitler doing right now?
Probably scrubbing toilets in Hell while a bunch of Jewish refugees in Heaven laugh at him...LOL sorry just something that came up among me and my friends at lunch. *_*